This is a bowl of fruit I had handy in the early days of my quit. I made sure to get fresh, local, pesticide free fruit that was appetizing to me so it felt truly rewarding as a replacement. Had the fruits been sub-par, the attempt to replace my bad habit may not have worked quite as well. Other options include filling a basket with sunflower seeds, hard candies of your choice, dark chocolate and tea, and placing it in a prominent area. I did both the bowl of fruit and the basket. My mantra became “You can do anything but smoke.” This helped with the oral fixation immensely and ultimately I was even able to cut back on my snacking. I have not even gained five pounds. 

By quitting smoking you will capitalize on your already healthy eating habits, while making food even more enjoyable to eat. One of the primary benefits of quitting for me was an increase in my appetite and a secondary benefit of really tasting the quality of the ingredients I consume. Now I can feel good about what I put into my body, all of it, and rest assured knowing the nourishment of the foods and vitamins I am consuming are really contributing to my health, and not getting squashed by my nonsensical tobacco habit.

Imagine this: all those healthy food choices you make everyday (eating organically, or a vegetarian diet) don’t count for much if you are adding harsh chemicals and carcinogens to your mouth and your body all the while. Something just doesn’t add up there. If you are truly a food lover, or care about your health, quitting smoking tobacco will wholly enhance your dining experiences and give you the stamina you need to lead an active life. You cannot be a health nut and be a smoker. It just doesn’t work. I know, I’ve tried.

If what you need is a total overhaul of habits: you need to clean up your eating, you need to stop smoking or drinking, doing it all at once (while taking small steps, say over a year), can really be beneficial. For me when I quit smoking, every thing else began to fall into place. Because I quit smoking I was paying more attention to the foods I was putting in my body, because I quit smoking, I found I actually had the time to exercise, and I made a habit of it. Because I quit smoking,I began to treat myself to alternative health therapies like acupuncture and reiki, which I hadn’t felt “worthy” of receiving before. Everything, really, became better.  Because I quit smoking I thought twice about drinking liquor or beer, which really for me were just catalysts for smoking.

There are specific foods to enjoy and specific foods to avoid during your quit.
Generally you will find that you want to eat more than usual. This is because a) you need an oral fixation and b) you genuinely are more hungry since you don’t have the stimulating nicotine coursing through your body.