The truth is: it takes multiple attempts.

The truth is: people will say “how’s quitting smoking going?” and you will feel bad. You will feel worse. You will feel like a failure because you’ve “slipped.”

The truth is: nobody should say that. Or, they should say it with the assumption that you have slipped and that you need more help and support. Instead, people often shame. They might think you “can’t do it” – you might think you “can’t do it.”

The truth is: if you are trying, even if you are slipping, YOU ARE DOING IT.

The truth is: you spent your whole life learning how to smoke – from that first time at 10 or 12 years old, you were learning to smoke. It grew – when you were 14 you were smoking 2 cigarettes per day, one after school and one before school. By 18 you were smoking half a pack a day. By 25 one pack.

The truth is: you can’t expect to un-learn to smoke in one day, one month, three months.

The truth is: it could take years. Below is a video of a lovely gal who, like me, took years to quit. She is not a failure but a victor. Some of us learn slower. Some of us unlearn slower. Some of us, mind you, never learn at all.


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